Top 10 Recognized Brands in the US - April 18, 2108

Although this may not be the total list, it is reported that the top 10 most recognizable brands in the US are: Starbucks, Walmart, Leo, Pepsi, Disney, McDonald's, Apple, Coca-Cola Google, and Nike. One might argue that there are other popular brands and there are other lists, but all and all these brands that make most every list. Lego's film properties helped the toy brand become the most powerful brand in 2016. They mastered the art of cross-marketing.


 How do brands gain such recognition and a following? Yes, you have to have a great product, but you also need a clear and compelling message. Brand development begins with the culture and values of a company. There is mission statement from which all things happen. Careful deliberation goes into brand graphics and of course their defining mark, their logo. These companies manage their brands. Guidelines must be followed from business cards to billboards. These brands have been ambitious with marketing. They look for new and creative ways to market their products and connect with customers.

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