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Make Time for Your Clients

Today's businesses need to spend time effectively engaging with their clients. As a business owner, you must stay aware of what your competitors are doing and beware of shifting trends that may affect your service offering.

Choosing Logo Colors

Selecting the right logo color not only makes a successful design outcome, but implications of color can have an effect on people's emotions and the message conveyed by your logo.

Top 10 Most Recognized Brands in the US

Although this  may not be the total list, it is reported that the top 10 most  recognizable brands in the US are: Starbucks, Walmart, Burger King, Pepsi, Ford, McDonalds, Apple, Coca-Cola Google and Nike.

The First Step to Success - Motivation

Every large design company whether it’s a multi-national branding corporation or a regular down at heel tatty magazine publisher needs to fill holes in the workforce. If the canny freelance designer plays his or her cards.

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